Dedicated Server Overview

Some clients aren’t bent upon sharing servers and for them; we provide the following options in dedicated servers:

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers :

This is when the client just wants to rent the server alone from us and manage it entirely on his/her own. Certain clients wish for such services due to the sensitivity of the business or maybe they have the resources and expertise to manage the server and only need the physical server alone. This service is there just to fulfil their needs.
Managed Dedicated Servers :

Here, we offer complete assistance and support and we provide you with a dedicated suport to manage your server’s admin work at no extra cost. You can change any of your Unmanaged server to managed service upon usage of Cpanel.

If you are running a business, there is the need for at least a single machine dedicated to addressing communication, hosting other solutions and managing resources. This is typically called a dedicated server – a computer set aside to handle resources, resource sharing, host solutions and share them amongst other systems in the network.

You may not have the bandwidth or resources to afford a dedicated server on your own; this is especially true in the case of start-ups where cost is a major factor and money may not be free flowing during initial stages. Another aspect here is the technical expertise required to handle server and this may also not be available with most businesses. In such a scenario where you need a dedicated server but aren’t able to afford one on your own, you could rent these services from a web hosting service provider. This is where we come into the picture. Bullten is a leading web hosting service provider offering a variety of services from dedicated servers to virtual private severs.

Don’t wish to share server space for whatsoever reason? Bullten offers you dedicated servers with a variety of service options for you to choose from!

What then are you waiting for? Team up with Bullten for your dedicated server needs and get your business functioning in full swing!